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Updates on Tropical Storm Luban:

■ Heavy rainfall, thundershowers expected on Sunday, October 14, as Tropical Storm Luban continues hits Yemen's coasts.

■ The storm's centre has crossed Yemen's coast in Al Mahra, according to the latest weather bulletin from Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation's as of 11am on Sunday.

■ Dhofar governorate in Oman is also likely to be affected.

■ Wind speeds of up to 102 km/h around the centre, according to PACA official meteorology department.

■ The sea will continue to be rough, with big waves expected.

■ Changes of indirect impact on the southern parts of Al Wusta governorate continues with scattered rain and winds of up to 46km/h on Sunday.


Muscat: Weathermen in Oman urged residents in the Dhofar governorate to avoid low-lying areas, wadis and sailing at sea as strong winds and of flash floods are expected with tropical storm Luban making landfall.

The tropical storm continues moving west towards Yemen's coast near the coast of Oman's Dhofar governorate, said forecasters.

Heavy rainfall with fresh strong winds and probability of flash floods are expected over Dhofar, and Oman's Public Authority for Civil Aviation (PACA) advised residents to take extra precautions.

According to the latest PACA alert issued at 11am on Saturday, the governorate of Dhofar is expected to be affected by heavy rain and thundershowers on Saturday and Sunday (October 13 and 14).

Fresh wind of 30-40 knots (56-83km/h) are gusting to gale wind over mountainous areas while the sea will continue to be rought with up to 8-metre waves, PACA stated in its laest alert.

Schools in southern Oman close ahead of cyclone

Muscat: Oman announced schools in Dhofar governorate closed as a cyclone gathered strength in the Arabian Sea, five months after Cyclone Mekunu killed 11 people in the sultanate and Yemen.

Cyclone Luban is expected to hit southern parts of Oman. It passed through Yemeni islands, including Socotra, on Wednesday night with wind speeds of up to 120 kilometres per hour.

In May, Cyclone Mekunu killed at least 11 people in southern Oman and the Yemeni island of Socotra.

The cyclone had isolated parts of Socotra island — part of a Unesco-protected archipelago for its rich biodiversity — with the government declaring it a “disaster” zone.