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Weddings and funerals are still taking place in Oman in spite of the restrictions on public gatherings. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Muscat: Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al Saeedi mentioned during a press conference held by the Supreme Committee that weddings and funerals were still taking place in spite of the restrictions on public gatherings.

The Minister indicated beauty salons that help in readying the attendees as well as restaurants that prepare meals for weddings are also acting in violation of the rules.

The penalty for attending such gatherings is RO 100 per person with a further fine of RO 1,500 slapped on the one that called for the gathering. The Minister also urged the public to report about gatherings and any violations of the COVID-19 restrictions and rules, for the benefit of all and said that it is a national duty of citizens and residents.

He also informed that the Ministry is in talks with various international agencies and companies for the supply of vaccine. The decline of recovery rate is due to non-compliance of precautionary measures, Dr Saeedi said. The authorities that are monitoring the commercial activities have been asked to close some due to their non-compliance, the list of which will be announced soon, the Minister said.

Dr. Saeedi drove home the point that the complete closure is at a very high economic cost, and HM’s directives intends at safeguarding people’s lives that reigns higher than anything else.

Chronic disease

Dr. Seif Al-Abri, General Director of Disease Control and Control at the Ministry of Health mentioned that the risk of infection is possibly more from the community than from the place of work. He also said that an arrangement is being worked out on exempting people with chronic disease from work place.

Brigadier Said Al Asmi, of Royal Oman Police informed during the press briefing that issuance of any type of visa is currently suspended, however those on family-joining status and holding a valid resident visa can enter Oman. Those whose work visas have expired will not be allowed to enter Oman. Strict enforcements of penalties are imposed on violators, for not observing rules such as social distancing, not wearing face masks in public places, as well as against those who are found to be part of gatherings.

Brigadier Asmi also mentioned that apart from penalties, the name and photos of the violators will be published after the legal procedures are completed against the offenders.