Kuwaiti actor Mishary Al Balam has died of Covid-19. He was 48. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Kuwaiti actor Mishary Al Balam died on Thursday days after being transferred into intensive care after contracting COVID-19, his family confirmed.

Hassan Al Balam, a fellow actor who is a cousin of the late Mishary, confirmed the news on Thursday night via his Instagram account, according to Al Arabiya.

Al Balam contracted coronavirus while receiving the first dose of a vaccine, according to the actor himself who shared the news of his infection on his Instagram account last Wednesday.

“Do not forget me from your prayers. Praise be to God in any case. My family, fellow artists, and the loyal, beloved audience, thank you for asking. All that happened was I got infected during the vaccination. It’s fate and forgive me for I cannot respond to the calls,” Al Balam wrote on an Instagram post at the time.

First dose

The actor had shared a video on his Instagram account on February 11 as he received the first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, calling on his followers to also get vaccinated.

Al Balam then quickly contracted the coronavirus and was moved days later to the ICU unit at Sheikh Jaber Hospital in Kuwait after a drop in his oxygen levels.

The 48-year-old actor began his acting career in 1991 in Kuwait’s theater circles before making it onto the television screen where he took part in more than 56 programs and series. He leaves behind his wife and five children.