Manama: Kuwait’s emir has stressed the significance of unity among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) member states.

“The rapid developments in our region and the challenges we face today leave no room for doubt about the indispensability of joint Gulf action,” Shaikh Sabah Al Ahmad Al Sabah said. “This calls for more work to bolster and expand our common action to cover all areas. You have to show, through diplomatic work, the solidity and unity of the Gulf stances as well as Kuwait’s effective role in promoting Arab, Muslim, regional and international issues and causes,” the Emir told Kuwaiti ambassadors and diplomats at the opening session of the Seventh Conference of Heads of Kuwait Diplomatic Missions.

The GCC, which groups Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, was formed in 1981.

In his speech reported by the Kuwaiti News Agency (Kuna), Shaikh Sabah called for a vigorous diplomatic and media drive to “show the real and bright image of Kuwait that enjoys strong unity and a justice-based democratic life.”

Shaikh Sabah said: “One of the main objectives of Kuwait’s diplomacy is to cooperate with all countries to maintain world security and stability as well as reach sustainable development of societies. Kuwait is effectively contributing to international efforts to resolve disputes that threaten world peace. Kuwait also takes part in efforts to fight poverty and diseases, to address the shortage of food, water and energy and to achieve sustainable development and investment in people,” he said.

Shaikh Sabah cited loans and grants disbursed by Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development’s (KFAED) as well as Kuwait’s donations to other international funds as examples of Kuwait’s active role in financing development projects. He also referred to the recent Kuwait-hosted Asian Cooperation Dialogue Summit as an example of Kuwait’s eagerness to buttress cooperation with Asian and world nations, the news agency said.

‘Economic diplomacy’

Shaikh Sabah said that Kuwait had launched an “economic diplomacy” to promote economic cooperation with the international community and to woo foreign investments to Kuwait. “We launched this economic diplomacy a long time ago based on the deep belief in its role in achieving the state’s higher economic interests and opening up new horizons for dealing with global economic developments.”

The emir urged diplomats to convey to the world the economic development and progress in Kuwait. “You have to acquaint the world with the economic-related legislative reforms and the new package of mega development projects that Kuwait has launched.”

Diplomats were also urged to assume responsibility in transferring the best economic and renewable energy practices in the world to Kuwait. “Through your presence in different countries across the world, you have to transfer the world’s best practices in diversifying state income resources and using renewable energy to Kuwait.”

Shaikh Sabah insisted that the latest international developments have triggered unprecedented challenges for the region and caused a global economic crisis. “These developments have imposed on us a political and economic reality where the only option is to adopt serious and diligent work policies coupled with the highest sense of responsibilities.”