Prison handcuffs
Image Credit: Gulf New archives

Dubai: The Kuwait Court of Appeals has sentenced an expatriate, previously serving as the financial manager of the Kuwaiti Teachers Association, to 15 years in prison with labor.

The court also imposed a fine of one million dinars on the man. Presided over by Judge Abdullah Al Sanai, the verdict addresses severe charges of embezzlement of funds and money laundering within the Association.

The case unfolded with the Egyptian national exploiting his role to illicitly increase his salary multiple times, alongside creating and paying non-existent employees. His misuse of authority extended to issuing unauthorised cheques for third parties, effectively using his official capacity to orchestrate financial frauds.

Detailed investigations brought to light that since 2018, the accused had been manipulating salary records, inflating his own remuneration substantially.

He issued five unauthorised cheques drawn from the Kuwaiti Teachers Association’s accounts, leading to substantial financial losses. His fraudulent activities remained under the radar until they were discovered in October 2021.