Manama: Bahrain's camping season in the desert will start on October 15 and end on March 31, the governor of the southern governorate has said.

"We want the people and residents of Bahrain to enjoy the camping season in a safe and adequate environment," Shaikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Al Khalifa said.

"We have taken several measures alongside public and private companies to ensure that all campers have a great time and enjoy a deep-rooted tradition," Al Khalifa said.

Thousands of people annually put up tents in the Sakhir desert, 30 kilometres south of the capital Manama — some of them staying for weeks — as they soak up the outdoors in the cooler months.

Several companies, too, put up tents or rent tents to promote greater interactivity among their staff.

Away from the noise

"We look forward to a great camping season because this is a new opportunity to remain connected with our traditions and customs," said Ahmad Bin Hindi, a resident of Muharraq, Bahrain's second largest city.

"The atmosphere is very serene and we can take a break from the noise pollution that has crept into our daily lives in the city. Also moving away from the confinement of high-rise buildings... invariably gives you a wonderful feeling of freedom and calm," said Bin Hindi.

In recent years, political and religious societies have used the camping season to promote their activities and ideas through various programmes and competitions.

A special committee oversees compliance with rules and regulations to ensure the area is kept free of trash.