Dubai: Bahrain’s Interior Ministry said that a car was set ablaze by the “detonation of a homemade bomb inside it.” The explosion occurred in the Adliya area, a neighbourhood in the southern part of the capital Manama, the Capital Governorate police said in a statement posted on the ministry’s Twitter account on Sunday evening.

An investigation into the incident has been launched, the police said.

Last year, four men were put on trial in connection with explosions on the same day in the Adliya and Gudhaibiya neighbourhoods that left two Asian workers dead and an Indian worker critically injured, the police said.

Suspects reportedly planted and detonated a homemade bomb near the Dilmun School in Adliya on November 5, 2012. A 34-year-old cleaning company employee lost his right hand and suffered severe injuries to his right leg in the explosion. Besides the Adliya bomb, four devices were concealed in garbage bins and another was placed under a car being repaired at a garage in the Gudhaibiya area in central Manama, that is heavily populated by Asian expatriates.

The blasts killed a 33-year-old Bangladeshi and a 29-year-old Indian in different parts of Gudhaibiya. The police had pledged a zero-tolerance policy towards any attempts to disturb public order or undermine the country’s stability.