Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

Manama: Bahrain’s foreign minister has called on the Iraqi government to address the suffering of its own people, particularly in Al Anbar region, instead of interfering in Bahrain’s domestic affairs.

“Iraq must draw up realistic solutions for its long crisis by avoiding sectarianism, by integrating all the components of its people in the political process and by giving them all their rights,” Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa posted on his Twitter account.

On Saturday, the Iraqi foreign ministry issued a statement expressing concern about the sentencing in Bahrain of Ali Salman, secretary-general of Al Wefaq Society, to four years for incitement to divisions and for denigrating institutions.

“This verdict is within the context of measures that would compound the situation in dealing with demands for realistic political reforms and would have negative consequences on the stability of Bahrain and the region,” the ministry said.

However, Shaikh Khalid rejected the Iraqi comments, charging they had the wrong notions.

“The negative impact on Bahrain’s security would be from the training provided by Iraq to terrorists and on smuggling explosives to Bahrain, and not from putting on trial someone who has wronged hos country,” Shaikh Khalid posted to his 225,189 followers on the microblog.

“I am bewildered as how a country with no control over its will, where terrorism and sectarianism are widespread and where thousands of people are killed issues a statement about a man being tried legally in another country.”