The skyline of Manama, capital of Bahrain. Image Credit: Istockphoto

Manama: As the Arabian Gulf continues to swelter amid a string of unbearably hot months, Bahrain broke a record that had stood for 115 years for the hottest month of July.

The average maximum temperature for July was 42.1 degrees Celsius, which was 4.1C higher than the yearly average.

Bahrain experienced 22 days when maximum temperatures exceeded 40C.

In Saudi Arabia, the scorching heat even prompted a Saudi engineer to invent an air-conditioned umbrella.

The ‘Makkah umbrella’ works by using the solar energy or batteries and can be used by pilgrims to avoid dehydration and heat exhaustion during the Haj season as temperatures soar over 40C in the holy sites, the Saudi Gazette reported.

In Kuwait, which has yet to break the record it achieved last year for highest temperature ever recorded in the eastern hemisphere at 54C, is experiencing sizzling temperatures as well.

High temperatures will be between 47C and 49C and the lowest between 31C and 33C, the weather forecast read.