Manama: Bahrain on Thursday said it busted a 10-member cell suspected of carrying out terror activities.

The cell is headed by a 31-year-old leader of Saraya Al Ashtar, the terror wing of Al Wafa Islamic Movement, the ministry of interior said in a statement.

The leader, whose nationality had been revoked, is a fugitive in Iran sentenced by courts in Bahrain to life in prison in three cases and 15 years in jail in another case.

He is involved in setting up and controlling various terror cells and planning terrorist crimes which have resulted in the death of policemen, the ministry said, adding he had strong ties with the Iranian Revolutionary Guards and terrorist Murtadha Al Sindi.

The seven members currently in police custody include a woman, a 34-year teacher who hid the bags containing explosives and the Kalashnikov belonging to her brother in her house in the village of Malkiya before his arrest, the ministry said.

She later asked her husband to move them from the house.

The statement said the police are searching for the other two suspects, both drivers, aged 25 and 26.

“Explosives have been seized in the residential areas of Demistan, Karzakan, Malkiya and Dar Kulaib villages that were used as workshops to make bombs and store material for the purpose,” the ministry said.

The ministry said that 127 kilogrammes of high-grade explosives and bomb-making material, including more than 24kg of C4, TATP, nitro cellulose, ready-to-use bombs, automatic and other homemade weapons, electric detonators, grenades and ammunition, were seized during police operations.