Women wearing masks
Women wearing masks walk through the courtyard of the shrine of Imam Ali in the Iraqi city of Najaf, where the first case of coronavirus COVID-19 has been documented in Iraq. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: Bahrain announced on Wednesday, as reported by Bahrain News Agency, that the number of coronavirus cases is now 26 after 3 new cases were confirmed.

Reuters reported that the three new cases are Bahraini women who arrived at Bahrain international airport on indirect flights from Iran.

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On Tuesday, 9 new cases were detected reportedly in Bahraini and Saudi citizens travelling from Iran via Dubai and Sharjah through Bahrain airport. The country had suspended all flights from Dubai and Sharjah for 48 hours, starting on Tuesday. 

The ministry confirmed on Tuesday that it is conducting all the necessary tests for all travelers coming from affected countries upon their arrival at Bahrain International Airport in a designated hall at the airport.

In a statment punlished by health monistry on Wednesday it called on everybody who was in Iran in the month of Februaryu to come forward for testing.

"Within the framework of the national campaign to combat the Corona Virus (Covid 19), the Ministry of Health will announce that it will set dates to examine all citizens and residents who were in Iran during the month of February."