Women wearing masks
Women wearing masks walk through the courtyard of the shrine of Imam Ali in the Iraqi city of Najaf, where the first case of coronavirus COVID-19 has been documented in Iraq. Image Credit: AFP

Dubai: The Ministry of Health in Bahrain has announced on Tuesday 6 new cases infected with the coronavirus (covid-19), bringing the number to 23.

Earlier in the day 9 new cases had been detected. Theses new cases were for Bahraini and Saudi citizens coming from Iran reportedly via Dubai and Sharjah through Bahrain International Airport, bringing the total number of cases infected to 17.

The ministry confirmed that it is conducting all the necessary tests for all travelers coming from affected countries upon their arrival at Bahrain International Airport in a designated hall at the airport.

The ministry in its statment said that test results in the nine new cases confirmed that they were infected with the virus. They have been transferred to Ibrahim Khalil Kano Health Center in Al Salmaniya region where thye will receive the necessary treatment and care, the ministry added.

The Ministry of Health stated that the nine cases are of four Bahraini women and two Bahraini men coming from Iran via Sharjah, and one Bahraini came through Dubai, along with two Saudi women coming from Iran through Sharjah.

On Tuesday morning also Bahrain announced six new cases of coronavirus "Covid-19" for two Bahraini and four Saudi nationals coming from Iran.

Schools closed

In line with the directives of the Government’s Executive Committee, chaired by Prince Salman Bin Hamad Al Khalifa, the Crown Prince, Deputy Supreme Commander and First Deputy Prime Minister, the Ministry of Education on Tuesday announced that all public and private schools, including kindergartens, will be closed for two weeks starting from Wednesday.

The ministry added that the decision was taken in light of the precautionary measures taken to contain the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) among individuals who have visited Iran, before the country announced it was facing a COVID-19 pandemic.