Manama: Al Wefaq, Bahrain's largest opposition society, on Friday said that it would take part in the national dialogue due to start on Saturday.

The announcement was made by Ali Salman, the society secretary general, at a rally held in Duraz, the third to be organized by the society since the lifting of the emergency laws on June 1.

The readiness of Al Wefaq to be part in the national forum that brings together more than 300 participants from political societies, NGOs, the media, the parliament, trade unions and the business community, puts an end to weeks of speculations whether the society would send five members to debate political, economic, social and rights visions that will help determine the future of Bahrain.

Al Wefaq waited until the last hours to divulge its position, but warned that it would leave the talks if it was not happy with the way they would move.

Jassim Husain, a member from Al Wefaq, said that the "dialogue participation decision demonstrates Al Wefaq commitment to overcoming problems facing country, despite being treated unfairly."

Al Wefaq said that having only five representatives like each of the other 16 political formations was unfair to a large society.