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Dubai: Three Gulf celebrities used the power of social media to help a young Saudi man get the surgery he needed.

A young Saudi man with the handle Aber tweeted, first tagged Fayez Al Maliki, a Saudi actor with 6.45 million followers, in a tweet, stating: “A hospital will do for me a surgery, with my low financial capabilities if you agree to promote the hospital on your social media accounts. Please give my life hope…May Allah grant you mercy in life and after.”

Al Maliki responded quickly: “Am ready to do a whole advertisement for the hospital if they do the surgery completely free of charge, asking Allah to grant you health.”

It was not immediately clear what sort of surgery the young man needed.

But before long, Ahlam, an Emarati singer known for her philanthropic work and who has 8.78 million followers on the micro-blogging site, replied to the tweet as well.

She wrote: “[I] am also with you and want to help, I’ll also promote them on my social media, but only if they don’t charge you a penny.”

Another Bahraini actress saw the tweets —followed Ahlam and Al Maliki’s lead.

The man replied to them, saying: “You [gave] joy to my heart ..... you are humans before being artists…May Allah bring to this world more and more people like you... you made me happy.”

One Saudi doctor, Dr Hamed Wadaani, then tweeted that he would be willing to undertake the surgery free of charge.