Google Translate error translating
Google Translate error translating "unworried" in Hindi and Urdu goes viral on social media Image Credit: Screenshot

What does 'unworried' mean in Hindi? For a few hours on Thursday, Google's answer had Indians on Twitter in splits before the tech giant rushed to correct the Google Translate glitch.

With viral memes and jokes on Twitter, Whatsapp, and other social media channels, many pointed out that Google was translating the word 'unworried' to 'avivahit', which means unmarried in Hindi and 'ghair shaadi shuda' in Urdu.

Twitter user @manpan7741 posted: "Google has applied all of its AI, NLP, ML knowledge, and tech to finally give the right answer to 'unworried' in Hindi."

Google glitch or Google gyan (knowledge)? Some jokingly called Google wise, for suggesting that in order to be unworried one has to be unmarried.

The glitch was first pointed out by a marketer Mahesh Murthy, who jibed: "Google probably needs Hindi-speaking linguists and AI/ML engineers..."

After screenshots of the error went viral, the tech giant corrected its mistake. Now, if you search the Hindi translation of the word 'unworried', Google Translate results show 'Nishchint'.

Tweep @sahilchopra1987 posted: "@Google's sorted it out, guys. #Unworried isn't avivahit anymore."