London: A woman in Britain opened a loaf of bread to make a sandwich for her 10-year-old child, but discovered a blood-covered needle inside. The needle had been used by a heroin-user.

The woman bought the bread in Pendleton, Greater Manchester. When she noticed the syringe, she handed it in to police, the Daily Mail reported.

Police used DNA tracing to track down 61-year-old David Rodgers of Salford, Greater Manchester, the Manchester Magistrates' Court heard.

The needle had been pushed through the plastic wrapper by Rodgers, when he visited the shop with his wife, in a desperate attempt to avoid her finding out he was back on the drug.

The man pleaded guilty to contaminating the loaf with intent to cause public alarm.

Rodgers was warned he could face jail. There was no suggestion he had a grudge against the shop.

Rodgers said he was aware of the "hurt and distress" caused to the mother and her family.