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Elton John Image Credit: Reuters

London: The United Kingdom government has accidentally published the home addresses of more than 1,000 New Year Honours recipients including celebrities like Elton John and Ben Stokes.

The list was posted on the website of the government allowing anyone who visited the page to download it as a spreadsheet and it contained postcodes and house numbers of nearly every person recognised in the list, Sputnik reported.

The government has apologised to all those affected by the accidental revealing of personal details.

"A version of the New Year Honours 2020 list was published in error which contained recipients' addresses," a Cabinet Office spokesperson

"The information was removed as soon as possible. We apologise to all those affected and are looking into how this happened. We have reported the matter to the ICO and are contacting all those affected directly," the spokesperson added.

The Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) confirmed that it received the information from the government and is "making enquiries" in response to the reports of a data breach.