The Hague: The Dutch parliament on Tuesday passed a controversial bill granting Prime Minister Mark Rutte's cabinet emergency powers to deal with the fallout from a no-deal Brexit.

Lawmakers however limited to six months the period during which ministers could amend laws without a parliamentary nod, instead of the year that the government wanted.

Foreign Minister Stef Blok said the government agreed to the limitation to the special powers, which will come into effect if Britain crashes out of the EU without a divorce agreement.

"It is the last instrument that we will use," Blok said.

Blok warned in a parliamentary debate on the emergency measures last week that a no-deal Brexit would have "far-reaching consequences" for the country of 17 million people, which has close trading ties with Britain.

The Netherlands has already made major preparations for Brexit, setting aside 100 million euros (US$114 million) for preparations, including the appointment of 900 new customs officers.

The Dutch government this week launched an information campaign for businesses including a "muppet" character representing Brexit that blocks trucks and industry.

The uncertainty over Brexit continues with just two months to go before Britain's withdrawal day, with embattled British Prime Minister Theresa May saying Tuesday she would seek to reopen the divorce deal she agreed with the EU late last year.

Rutte said last week that the EU would not renegotiate the deal, which contains a controversial "backstop" on Northern Ireland that pro-Brexit lawmakers in Britain oppose.