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A swan teaching a woman how to properly wear a mask has gone viral on social media. For the past couple of months, face masks have been an essential piece of clothing. Since the onset of coronavirus, the compulsory use of masks has been imposed strictly by authorities. The video shows that the woman has her mask down, her nose and mouth are exposed as she is crouching. Apparently, the neglect portrayed by the woman in maintaining standard COVID-19 etiquettes offends the swan. This is when the swan reaches across the small stream, separating it from the woman, and in an instant, the swan snaps the mask across the woman’s face. It is as if the swan is instructing the woman on how to wear a mask properly.

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A Twitter user@anthonysarti11 posted: “Mets ton masque on t’ a dit!”, (you’ve been told: wear your mask!) says the caption on the video, written in French.

The video, reportedly filmed in France, shows the woman keel backwards in shock after immediately removing her mask again.

Since being posted on Twitter this Thursday, the clip has garnered 25,000,000 million views. The video is making rounds on social media, as thousands of people are liking, commenting and retweeting it. Many users have commented that this video is proof that swans are more intelligent than humans.

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France is one of the worst-hit European countries, according to the World Health Organization. The country was facing one of the worst days since the pandemic started, almost 10,000 new cases were registered on the day this video went viral.