Some of these countries are in parts of the world that have been hugely impacted by the disease. Image Credit: File

Dubai: The novel coronavirus has spread terror and panic across the globe, with more than 110,000 infected and more than 4,000 dead in more than 115 countries and territories. However, there still are countries that are holding out against Covid-19, and have not reported a single case. What’s more remarkable is that some of these countries are in parts of the world that have been hugely impacted by the disease, or are at war.

Here are a few states that have bucked the trend:

1) Libya

The only North African country so far without a registered case is Libya. This is astonishing given that Libya has been at war for years, with foreign militiamen and illegal immigrants hoping to reach Europe adding to the problems. On top of that, the country’s healthcare and sanitation systems are collapsing. Despite all this, Libya remains coronavirus free.

2) Turkey

The Turkish health minister said on Monday that no coronavirus cases have been confirmed in the country so far. Turkey shares a land border with Iran, a country devastated by the outbreak, and with the European Union, which is dealing with Italy’s atrocious situation right now. And Turkey also receives millions of tourists. Despite all this, it has managed to keep the coronavirus out. In fact, the government is busy advising Turkish citizens living in Europe about protective measures they must take!

3) Kenya

Another tourist magnet, Kenya has so far avoided any instances of the Covid-19. The Infectious Disease Unit of the Kenyatta National Hospital is handling all suspected cases. But none have turned out to be positive so far. Africa, in general, has been spared the worst of the disease. It is also the continent that is most ill-prepared in the case of a major outbreak.

4) Ethiopia

Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous nation with an estimated population of over 107 million, is another major country that has managed to keep the virus at bay so far. The country has intensified its efforts to contain an outbreak by working in partnership with the World Health Organization. In fact, the man leading the global fight against the disease is also an Ethiopian. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, the first African head of the WHO took office two-and-a-half years ago.

5) Myanmar

Myanmar is an isolated South Asian nation that, however, has very close business and travel links with China. Despite that, Myanmar has remarkably managed to stay free of the disease so far. Myanmar has also temporarily halted its visa-on-arrival facility for Chinese nationals. While this has badly hit tourist numbers – 30 per cent of all arrivals are from China – it has also meant that the country has kept the virus at bay.