Manila: A motor tricycle figured in an accident with a light aircraft as the former was landing at an airfield in Central Luzon and authorities are puzzled how another vehicle had turned up inside a known restricted area.

A single engine, two-seat Cessna 152 flown by flight instructor Queenie Gaviola and student pilot Joseph Valledor Jr was on a landing approach at an airfield in Lingayen Pangasinan after a training flight from Las Pinas City in Metro Manila, when motor-tricycle headed for the same direction suddenly appeared from nowhere.

Minor injuries

According to a report by the station, Bombo Radyo, the aircraft grazed the motor-tricycle leaving Gaviola and Valledor Jr. with minor injuries. Likewise the accident damaged the aircraft's horizontal stabiliser.

Authorities said certain airfield emergencies involving the presence of astray vehicle inside the restricted area could cause bigger damage and even loss of lives.

Charges are being readied against the motor-tricycle driver in connection with the accident.

The report said air transportation officials are conducting an investigation how the motor tricycle was able to enter the airfield, a known restricted area.

There had been a noticeable increase in accidents involving light aircraft in recent years as more Filipinos take flying lessons.

Some of the students are foreigners and most come to the Philippines because flight training lessons in the country are relatively cheaper compared to other countries.