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‘Justice for Sawera’ and ‘#ReturnSawera’ trended on Twitter in Pakistan as netizens asked for help for a woman in Lahore who was severely abused by her husband and in-laws.

According to local media reports, the victim, Sawera, started being abused by her husband Shahbaz right after their marriage that took place an year ago.

Her mother told local media that just a few days after their marriage, Shahbaz pushed Sawera down from the roof and called the incident an accident. The mother allegedly did not know about the incident and found Sawera in a local hospital after 27 days.

The mother went to the police to complain, however her complaint was not filed, as per local media reports.

Now, her mother is appealing to the authorities to allow her to keep her daughter since Sawera’s husband is stopping her.

Pictures of Sawera in a frail condition have been circulating on social media along with her husband’s home address as people demand justice for her.

Punjab Police posts update

As the news came to light, a complaint was reportedly filed against her husband.

Replying to a post about the victim, Punjab Police Official Twitter account wrote: “In the writ of habeas corpus in the court, the police recovered the woman from her husband’s house and presented her in the court on a stretcher. The court had ordered that the girl be sent to her husband’s house. The police complied with the order of the court.”

In a consecutive tweet the police wrote: “Her father was with his daughter when the police went to her house to retrieve her. Further, the concerned police [department] have contacted the applicant again. And action will be taken within the law.”

However, social media users are not satisfied with the authorities’ response. Many questioned why she was returned to her husband.

@AneesRehma wrote: “No woman on this planet deserves being mistreated or disrespected! Our Judicial system has some real flaws and the ones chairing these proceedings are inhuman and corrupt!”