Riyadh: Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal, chairman of the Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation, and Foundation vice chairwoman Princess Amerah Al Taweel, took 10 tons of relief materials with them when they visited Pakistan Sunday.

The pair flew into Multan International Airport, and visited the flood-affected areas.

Upon their arrival, they were met by the Pakistani Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani and his spouse, and Abdul Aziz Al Gadir, the Saudi Ambassador to Pakistan, who toured the devastated areas with the Prince.

His Royal Highness was also accompanied by Dr Shaikh Ali Al Nashwan, Board Member of the Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation, Corporate Communications Department Executive Manager Heba Fatani, and Kholoud Al Dossary, who serves as Princess Amerah’s office manager at the Al Waleed Foundation.

The 10 tons of relief materials transported on the private royal plane included 3,500 shots of malaria medicine, 20,000 doses of diarrhoea medicine, 1,500 blankets, and 1,000 sanitation kits.

Helicopters were also on standby to transport Prince Al Waleed, Prime Minister Gilani and the accompanying delegation, to give them an aerial view of the destruction caused by the flood in the southern Punjab and Sindh.

The prince and the prime minister toured the affected areas and visited the relief camps to witness the devastation at first hand.

Recently, Al Waleed Bin Talal Foundation donated 10 million Saudi riyals to the flood victims of Pakistan, that has affected 20 million people and left thousands homeless. Muna Abu Sulaiman is the Secretary General of the Foundation.

The donation was announced during the televised campaign to help Pakistan’s victims. The campaign was initiated by the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah, on August 16 and announced by Dr Shaikh Ali Al Nashwan.

Prince Al Waleed received Umar Khan Alisherzai, Pakistani Ambassador to Saudi Arabia at his office in Riyadh. The Ambassador thanked the prince for the opportunity to meet, and for his donation of 10 million riyals for the flood victims of Pakistan.

The ambassador described to the Prince the suffering of those affected by the floods, the high death toll, and the vital need for aid to reach the victims.

In response, the Prince expressed his condolences to the people and government of Pakistan and handed two letters to the Ambassador addressed to President Asif Ali Zardari of Pakistan and Yousaf Raza Gilani, Prime Minister of Pakistan.

Furthermore, the Prince expressed his readiness to extend further assistance to Pakistan in any way he could.

Prince Al Waleed has contributed to a number of humanitarian causes in Pakistan. In 2005, the Prince visited Pakistan in March and again later that year to witness at first hand the country’s earthquake-hit areas.

During his trip the Prince was met by the former Prime Minister of Pakistan, Shaukat Aziz, and the two toured the devastated sites. His visit followed the announcement of a 20 million riyal donation to the earthquake victims.

The donation comprised of tents, blankets, medicine and cash.

The medical supplies were valued at five million riyals. The Prince donated 10,000 tents valued at six million riyals and 30,000 blankets valued at three million riyals.

The cash amounted to six million riyals. In addition, the Prince donated money to build 20 schools in the affected areas.

During the trip to Pakistan in 2006, the Prince was bestowed with the Hilal-i-Pakistan honorary medal by the former President Musharraf during a ceremony at the President's home in Islamabad.