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Pakistan’s workforce is capable to compete in the International Market, says Zulfikar Bukhari (right). Image Credit:

Dubai: Pakistani workforce is capable to compete in the international job market as they are well trained, said top Pakistani official in Dubai.

Zulfikar Bukhari, Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development, said that demand for the Pakistani workers is increasing in the world job market especially in the Gulf region.

Bukhari was speaking during the Panel Discussion on “Planning for Next Generation of Careers” at the World Government Summit on Tuesday in Dubai.

The panel discussed key skills needed to fulfill the requirements of next generation careers. The employment prospects in future, impact of technology and the need for vocational training to equip the workforce were among the agenda of the panel discussion.

During the discussion, Bukhari said the demand for the skilled workforce is on the rise in the world and ‘we in Pakisan are training our workforce to compete at international level before sending them abroad.”

He presented the case of Pakistani workers in front of the delegations participating from around the world and highlighted the problems faced by the labourers in the destination countries.

He said that the Pakistan government is finalising the policy of exporting skilled manpower to the countries to meet the changing requirements in the world especially in Gulf countries.

Bukhari said with the help of private sector, workers will be trained professionally by taking in account the global demands.

“We are working with our partners abroad to ensure legal protection and rights for our manpower and guarantee their safety by creating a common policy of sending workers abroad,” he added.

Bukhari who himsel worked and lived in UK was appointed the Spcial Advisor to the Prime Minister Imran Khan to handle the ministery of Overseas Pakistani and Human Resource Development. Bukhari also visited a number of workers’ accommodation in the UAE last month to get firsthand knowledge of issues faced by the workers here and back home.

Bukhari had told Gulf News earlier that the government would soon launch a relief package for Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs). One of the highlights of the package will be remittance cards to be used by NRPs. “We are working on a project to introduce a digital remittance bank — the first of its kind in the country - to make it easier for NRPs to send money back home and get incentives.

“Those sending the money through legal channels will get points on their cards, which they will be able to redeem and use various facilities, including the reduction of airport customs duty and taxes. They will be given preferences for their children’s admissions in colleges back home and will also get priority to buy houses and land in the OPF housing projects. They will also have access to healthcare facilities back home,” he said.