Appearing on-air in his wedding attire and armed with a mic, Hanan Bukhari interviewed his family members including his father, wife and mother-in-law about the ocassion Image Credit: Supplied

Islamabad: Journalism can be a precarious profession, where some have to report from war zones, and others in disaster-hit areas — amid storms and volcanic eruptions.

But a Pakistani reporter has taken journalism to a new level by reporting his own wedding.

Hanan Bukhari, a news reporter for local TV channel City 41, is making headlines for taking his job too seriously and reporting live from his own wedding ceremony, surprising friends and viewers.

Footage of the TV report has gone viral.

In the video, Bukhari can be seen holding a microphone as if he is on duty but he is dressed in traditional wedding attire.

“My parents and I are very happy today. Because it is a love marriage, my wife is happy, and so are her family members. My parents who made all wedding arrangements are joyful to make this day come true,” Bukhari says on camera.

He also interviewed his family on his big day.

His father said that he was thankful to God for giving him the chance to make all arrangements dreamily. Bukhari’s mother was a bit emotional and joyous to share the moment with family, friends and TV audience.

The reporter, hailing from Faisalabad, a city in the eastern province of Punjab, went on to talk about his love marriage.

Reporting from his own wedding, Bukhari reveals he had been pursuing his wife for four years before she finally accepted his proposal. He then asks her what she has to say on her wedding day.

“You’re marrying me today, what do you have to say about this?” the City 41 reporter asks his wife.

As the bride is a bit shy and doesn’t speak much, Bukhari asks her what she thinks about the arrangement as the baraat [wedding procession] was accompanied by heavy bikes and sports cars.

“I’ve put in so much effort. I’ve brought in sports cars and heavy bikes to decorate my wedding procession as the entire city was looking in awe,” he said.

The bride smiles and says: “I am delighted. I hope you will make all my dreams come true.”

Bukhari’s unique reporting style generated a lot of debate on social media as some people who thought Pakistani media has stooped low in terms of reportage.

“This feat signifies the death of quality journalism and proves unprofessional attitude of Pakistani media,” Saqlain Babar said.

But the TV reporter has plenty of supporters too. Mosharraf Zaidi, a Pakistani columnist said on Twitter: “The City 41 reporter covering his own wedding is a postmodern Pakistani treasure. He proudly shares his big day. Don’t make fun of him. Think about what the media has done for thousands like him. And for millions of us. Congratulations to him, his wife and his whole family.”