Screengrab of an interview which was posted by Sajid on her Facebook page Image Credit: Facebook/Kinza Sajid

Dubai: Kinza Sajid, a student in Pakistan who is a person of determination, was rejected during her entrance examination by Punjab University staff on account of her visual impairment.

The university denied her request for a question paper with a larger font size. In an interview with online channel Just1 TV, Sajid described how a staff member then publicly questioned her capability to pursue a career in clinical psychology. The staff member asked if she would “even be able to see her patients’ expressions during clinical sessions”.

On January 8, the Lahore High Court accepted the petition by Sajid’s lawyer - Ambreen Kureshi - and asked for a reply from the university. Kureshi, a human rights lawyer,  posted the update on her personal Facebook page.

Gold medalist and a person of determination

Sajid suffers from a condition known as white cataracts, which causes visual impairment. Despite the challenge it poses, however, Sajid was a gold medalist at Forman Christian College during her undergraduate course in psychology.

In an interview with website, Sajid spoke about how she read text in enlarged fonts using a magnifying glass.

After her experience at Punjab University, Sajid began a campaign for justice, and took the matter to court.

Online support

Social media users appreciated Sajid’s move and expressed their support for her cause. Many were disappointed by the university’s attitude.

Iffrah Minal posted on Facebook: “[This is] as pathetic as it can get. Being a psychology department, they are insensitive about such issues. What will they be teaching their students? And how might they be treating their patients?”

On a comment thread, Alvina Wasim posted: “ ... there is no justification for this treatment. You [Sajid] should show your resilience as you always have and make a comeback with your studies.”

Social media user Khunsha Gul posted on Facebook: “This is really unfair. Such behaviour towards a brilliant and hardworking student. This should never affect you in anyway. You will continue to excel in [your] studies. It is only them who are going to lose an ingenious student. We all support you in this!”