Karachi: Paramilitary rangers gunned down at least two local commanders of Taliban in a shoot-out in Karachi’s western district while three bodies of alleged criminals were found in the eastern town, police sources said on Thursday.

A Rangers spokesperson said that, based on intelligence reports, a raid was carried at the Kanwari Colony of Mangopir town.

The suspected Taliban militants started firing at the raiding party, which retaliated and killed at least two members of Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The security forces recovered various weapons, hand grenades, and fake national identity cards.

The militants were identified as Saeedullah and Azam Mehsud who belonged to Waliur Rahman group, fighting in Waziristan, northern Pakistan, a TTP stronghold.

Elsewhere, in a separate incident, police arrested two robbers who were allegedly attacking vehicles at the underpass of Shahara e Qaedeen in the central district. Police sources said the suspects were accosting commuters at the underpass and robbing them.

The robbers opened fire as soon as officer arrived at the scene, police said. In retaliatory fire, one of the robbers was injured while another was arrested. Two others managed escape.

Meanwhile, three bodies of members of a criminal gang were found on Thursday morning.

Police sources said the bodies were found at the Rehri Goth in Landhi town. Investigations suggest that the bodies were of Hamid Mota, Adil Khatak and Atta Ullah, who belonged to Zaheera gang.

All the three were released from the jail recently on bail in various cases of murders, robberies and drug trafficking.

In restive Lyari district, gang members killed a young man after kidnapping him on suspicion of spying for the police. Yasir Magsi was kidnapped on Wednesday and his bullet-ridden body was found the next day.