Islamabad: A group of special Pakistani envoys is visiting various world capitals to highlight the ongoing “atrocities” by Indian forces in the New Delhi-administered part of Kashmir region, officials say.

A Foreign Office spokesperson told reporters 22 members of parliament nominated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif were engaged in the diplomatic exercise.

The spokesperson, Nafees Zakaria said more than ninety-three Kashmiri youth and children have been killed in the last fifty-two days and over ten thousand injured in the Indian-held Kashmir.

More than 700 Kashmiris have lost their eyesight due to pellets from guns fired by Indian security forces, Zakaria said.

“These are very alarming statistics,” the spokesperson said, adding the prime minister has repeatedly called upon the international community to take serious notice of the situation.

At the forthcoming UN General Assembly later this month Prime Minister Sharif will also highlight the “atrocities and human rights violations in Indian occupied Kashmir,” the spokesperson said.

Sharif will also speak about Indian “involvement in subversive activities in Pakistan”, he said.

Regarding India’s claim that the decades-old UN Security Council resolutions on Kashmir have become inapplicable, after the bilateral Simla agreement, Zakaria said that the 1972 accord cannot overrule the UN resolutions.

The spokesperson said India has violated UN resolutions as well as the Simla Agreement, in which the two countries decided to resolve differences through peaceful means.

Pakistan has said it is always ready for bilateral negotiations to resolve the Kashmir dispute, the cause of two of three wars between the neighbours, both armed with nuclear weapons since 1998.

India wants any talks to focus on the issue of terrorism and the deadlock continues with no sign of a breakthrough in the near future.