Fruit seller
Fruit seller helps volunteers at Pakistan plane crash site Image Credit: Twitter

As rescue teams dig through the debris to collect bodies after the horrific Pakistan International Airlines plane crash last Friday, May 24, a fruit seller working nearby has been trying to contribute as much as he can by providing free mineral water to volunteers. He is being praised online as an “unseen” hero.

According to posts on social media, Khalid Hussain, the daily wage worker from Karachi assisted the rescue teams by providing chilled water bottles, standing in the heat and smoke. He reportedly continued to do so for at least three days after the crash, as the site was being inspected and cleaned.

People on social media praised the labourer for his effort, especially as daily wage workers are suffering financially due to coronavirus-related restrictions in Pakistan.

Tweep @serotonin825 shared a picture of Hussain holding a bag of water bottles and wrote: “Khalid Hussain unseen hero of plane crash. From last 3 days at the site of PIA [Pakistan International Airline] plane crash he is distributing free mineral water bottles to rescue workers and everyone, he buys these water bottles himself … for the rescue workers.”

In another picture shared on Twitter, Hussain is seen giving a bottle to a worker at the site.

Tweep @ShahidaJamro wrote: “[…] Salute to him!”

The crash happened days before the Eid Al Fitr holidays when many return home to their loved ones. The PIA flight PK8303 with 99 people on board crashed into a residential neighbourhood of Karachi. Only two passengers survived the crash.