Islamabad: Pakistan’s top court has warned administrators of the capital that Islamabad might lose its prime green character due to unplanned and oversized construction that's rife in the city.

The court expressed dissatisfaction with the performance of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) with regard to implementation of the apex court’s orders in a suo motu in illegal constructions in Banigala area where Prime Minister Imran Khan’s residence is also located.

Former Chief Justice Saqib Nisar had, however, directed the premiere to pay regularisation fee and get sanctioned 600 kanals of land he had encroached in his Banigala residence.

Justice Gulzar Ahmad while hearing the case on Thursday admonished the authority and its chairman for turning a deaf ear to the court’s orders with regard to revival of Islamabad’s green forests, fresh waters and curbing unorganised and unplanned constructions.

“The point behind making Islamabad the federal capital is lost, mountains and forests have been eradicated, streams and rivers are full of trash, and have you seen the Rawal lake?” Justice Gulzar asked CDA Chairmen Amer Ali Ahmed Ali, who was summoned to the court during the hearing.

An ultimatum is given

When the CDA chairman tried to clarify his position, Justice Gulzar said: “Please do not give us excuses if you do not want to work, please go somewhere else.”

Tell us whether you complied with the court’s orders or not,” Justice Gulzar asked the CDA chairman. The chairman answered in the negative, saying the authority could not fully comply with the court’s orders.

This displeased the court to the extent that it asked the CDA chief to go and look at what is happening at the new airport.

Do you want to turn the whole city into a slum? We were under the impression that such a state of affairs only exists in Karachi, Justice Gulzar remarked.

If you are not worthy of this position, why are you sitting there? Please go somewhere else, you already got your plot, he continued. Since I have come to Islamabad, I have seen that you have been unable to complete work on the Kashmir Highway; incomplete structures have been left as they are; and you never thought that criminals and drug addicts will take refuge here. This is your performance, the judge railed. The judge expressed his dissatisfaction with CDA chairman’s performance saying he only kept making and selling plots and creating slums. CDA chairman promised the court God willing, he would make things better.

“What do you mean, God willing? Tell us what planning you have done. What a blessed day it will be when you will do some work. When will that moon arise?” Justice Gulzar asked. The CDA chairman asked for a month’s time, “I will show you my performance.” The bench, having received the assurance, adjourned hearing the case for a month.