Dr. Syeda Maha Shah
Dr. Syeda Maha Shah Image Credit: Instagram

Dr. Syeda Maha Shah, a 25-year-old resident of the city of Karachi, Pakistan died on August 18 after allegedly shooting herself following a domestic dispute with her father.

The incident took place at her Karachi residence on Tuesday night. Shah was later rushed to Jinnah Hospital in critical condition. However, as claimed by her family and the police, she succumbed to her injury and died within a few hours, according to local media reports.

Shah used to work in a private hospital in Karachi’s Clifton area and lived in a house her father had rented just two weeks ago.

Doctor and social media influencer

Shah also had a large following on social media, namely Instagram.

Moreover, the influencer had shared her last post on Instagram on the day of her death.

According to the police, the family of the deceased claim that she committed suicide in her washroom on the first floor of the house. The injury caused by the bullet fired from a pistol appeared to be on the backside of her head, Pakistani news outlets reported.

According to local media, the pistol and an empty cartridge have been taken from the scene as evidence. It is yet to be found whom the weapon belongs to.

Some news reports suggest that the incident took place due to a domestic dispute. According to the police, the deceased had allegedly had a fight with her father before allegedly committing suicide.

Reports also claim that the youngster suffered from depression due to her parents’ divorce.

Meanwhile, her parents have refused to proceed with any probe into their daughter’s death and reportedly insist that it was a suicide.

After medico-legal formalities, Shah’s body has been sent to her ancestral home in Mirpurkhas for burial, local media outlets reported.

Social media response

Netizens reacted to Shah’s death, and some asked for further investigation into the case.

Tweep @SaherShahRizvi1 wrote: “#DrMahaShah d/o (daughter of) Syed Asif Ali Shah a resident of Dargah Garhod Sharif has been killed in Karachi. Dr Maha Shah was working in South City hospital. I strongly feel it’s a murder because she is being shot from behind in head. An investigation is required!”

While some sympathised with those suffering from depression.

Twitter user @cyron__001 wrote: “A beauty with brain, 23-year-old Dr Maha attempt[ed] suicide after returning from her duty. She was a fashion blogger too. Depression is not a joke guys.”