KARACHI: The Pakistan government on Tuesday removed the provincial ombudsman for Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace, after the Supreme Court ordered his dismissal over charges of nepotism in his department.

The apex court judge, justice Qazi Faayz Esa, who was hearing the cases of illegal recruitment in the year 2013, observed that Pir Ali Shah, the provincial ombudsman, misused his office and authority and appointed his daughter, son and other relatives into the ombudsman secretariat.

The Sindh government submitted the notification of Shah’s removal from his position to the court that ordered the government conduct and submit its inquiry within three weeks.

A complaint was filed against Shah, claiming that he terminated the regular and contractual employees who were appointed on merit and filled in the vacated posts with his relatives.

Justice Esa remarked that it seemed that the jobs were announced through the public announcements in the newspapers just to formally fulfill the procedure whereas the appointments had been already done.

The court also expressed its annoyance that the department of ombudsman was set up to protect the rights of women at the work places but instead it indulged in such corrupt practices.

Shah was appointed as the first ombudsman after a law was passed by the parliament in 2010 to ensure safer workplace for women in the country.