On August 8, Oman lift a domestic ban on travel between provinces, imposed on July 25, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus. Image Credit: Supplied

Muscat: There are just two more days to go for the current lockdown period to conclude in Oman. The Supreme Committee has announced the lifting of the lockdown between governorates on August 8 at 6am and to reduce the hours of the overnight ban across Oman which is currently from 7pm to 6am. The new timings will be from9pm to 5am from August 8th until the 15th.

The lockdown period saw strict patrols and checkpoints were intensified during the daytime, as well as during the night hours. All types of gatherings were also banned, across the country. The lockdown measures were cheerfully welcomed by citizens and residents alike, who hailed the decision. While the daytime traffic also came down considerably as the extended Eid Holidays fell during the lockdown period, the night time traffic came to a virtual standstill, almost.


Ipshita Chakraborty, a resident of Oman says that everyone will most willingly adjust their routine and adhere to the decision made by the Supreme Committee. “These are the most-needed actions for the current situation and it is absolutely well-received by everyone. The only time I step out is for my run. I go for my run in the night but with the lockdown curfew I advanced my timing to 5pm and found that many did the same.”

Seamless coordination

The shops pulling their shutters down by 7pm, also meant that the shoppers had to finish their shopping before that. But with the opening hours of 6am, that did not put any strain on the shoppers nor the shops. The seamless coordination ever since the lockdown date were announced, ensured the supply chain movement moved on without hindrance.

Many people like Mohammed Shukaili, who order their late dinner through online apps, found it a bit tough in the beginning, but later found it helped him form a disciplined routine at home with dinner timings. “Our domestic helpers who were not used to cooking dinner, rose up to the challenge to bring us restaurant styled food for dinner. But we had to abide by the timing they set for us, as they also had to wake up early the next day to run the errands, unlike us.”

Earnest adherence to the lockdown rules, and also to the social distancing requirement along with wearing masks in public places, have resulted in the number of COVID-19 cases coming down, as the numbers were indicated by the Oman Ministry of Health today. The number of new cases announced today were 427, with 60 new admissions and 4 deaths. Total cases tested were 879 with 1,107 new recoveries, bringing the total number of recovered cases to 70,910. Total deaths so far due to COVID-19 stands at 492 and the total cases reported are 80,713.