Pakistani baby goat Simba with its owner Hassan Narenjo. Image Credit: Screenshot from Dialogue Pakistan

Islamabad: An adorable one-month-old baby goat in Pakistan is set to become a world record holder after he was born with unusually long ears already measuring 53cm (1.72 feet) and growing.

The baby goat, named Simba, has become a local celebrity and every day more people want to visit to get a glimpse of Simba, says its owner Mohammad Hassan Narejo in Karachi city.

The goat’s name comes from Disney’s animated movie ‘The Lion King’. “I named the baby goat Simba because its light brown colour and velvety skin reminded me of Simba, the lion cub,” from the movie, the goat owner said.

Pakistani baby goat Simba with its owner Hassan Narenjo. Screenshot - Dialogue Pakistan-1656943630497

Photos and videos on social media showed Simba strolling in a field, with her long milky white ears touching the ground. Simba is a local Lehri breed that has larger earlobes than a common goat, although not this long.

“Simba’s ears are too big even for a Lehri and it’s only one month old” said Narejo. “I had to get a special bag tailored to carry its long ears as Simba loves hopping and playing around in the garden.”

In one of the videos that attracted a lot of attention on social media Narenjo can be seen feeding goat milk to the baby. Simba requires feeding at least three times a day.

Born with 48cm long ears

Simba was born at Narejo’s home in Karachi on June 4, 2022, with 48cm-long ears that have grown about 5cm in less than a month. The baby goat’s owner hopes that Simba would soon be a world record holder as her earlobes are already half a meter long. “I have applied for the Guinness World Record. They have accepted our request and will soon visit us” he said in a TV interview.

Simba, the rare Pakistani baby goat, has won local goat competitions too. Image Credit - Narenjo Farms-1656943632323
Simba, the rare Pakistani baby goat, has won local goat competitions too. Image Credit: Narenjo Farms

The Pakistani baby goat’s ears are 10cm longer than a Hijazi breed goat born in Saudi Arabia, he said.

“Simba comes from a breed that has become very rare in Pakistan. Perhaps only 15 or 16 such goats are left in Sindh” according to Narenjo - a goat farmer who owns a farm in Sanghar in Pakistan’s southern Sindh province, where he has been breading goats for the past four years. He also runs a YouTube channel called Narejo Goat Farm that has about 780,000+ subscribers.

With social media attention, Simba’s owner is also receiving many offers from breeders in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Oman interested in buying the baby goat with unusually long ears. Narenjo says he is not interested in selling the goat currently. “Right now, my focus is to get Pakistan the Guinness Book of World Records through Simba and make the country proud.” He plans to register it with the name of Simba Pakistani.