delivery boy pakistan
The delivery boy, taking refuge from the heavy rain. Image Credit:

The picture of a delivery boy standing in the rain, crying, has hit social media users in Pakistan hard. Facebook user Waseem Altaf shared pictures of a food delivery agent wearing a helmet and carrying the delivery box on his back, standing at the side of the road.

He wrote: “This delivery boy was crying on the road as he got late due to heavy rains. The customer refused to receive the food and the bill amounting to Rs 3800 (Dh90) would now be deducted from his salary which is Rs 10,000 (Dh237). Can we not be a bit more considerate towards such poor people who work hard to earn rather than beg?”

It is not clear which city in Pakistan the picture was taken. However, the country has experienced heavy rains this week. At least 35 people have died in Pakistan in rain related incidents including avalanches and landslides.

delivery boy
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Many social media users expressed their anger and frustration at the mistreatment of delivery personnel. Facebook user Hamza Jutt even shared what he called a real story by a person whose name he withheld: “I was there for collecting my order and the rider came back from [another] delivery and was literally shivering due to the cold and rainy weather. [Even] I started shivering after watching him and when I enquired about how much tip you got from the customer on this delivery he said just Rs10 (24fils). Can you imagine? They order from a distance of 5km, if you round this up, it become 10km. That is 1 rupee per km. When I asked him, ‘Are you happy with that?’ his smile made me cry and literally tears came out after listening the statement of this guy – ‘I have the responsibility of two unmarried sisters.’ May Allah help him. A tip is not an endorsement. Whether you want to pay or not totally depends on you but in such cold and rainy weather if you can give a little extra as tip to the rider as thanks I think this act of kindness can put a smile on these faces. May be your little help could bring them out of hardships as they have already been working so hard … please be generous and kind with these guys and help them as much as you can.”