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A 32-year-old woman, Melanje Sukanya, was arrested at Malkajgiri district in the Indian state of Hyderabad on Saturday, June 27, on charges of killing her husband Melanje John Prabhakaran. The couple was involved in a Rs 500 crore (Dh243 million) money laundering scam fraud in the bordering state of Tamil Nadu.

According to the local news source, the couple is from Tamil Nadu and were together accused in the scam discovered by the Tamil Nadu Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in 2012. They were currently out on bail. They were also reportedly involved in as many as 32 fraud cases in Tamil Nadu. After the arrest, John Prabhakaran managed to get bail within a year, while Sukanya could not get bail and stayed in prison from 2013 to 2018. After being released from prison, she could not find her husband.

Eventually, she managed to track him down, but he was living with another woman. Sukanya managed to drive her out but that did not sit too well with Prabhakaran. As revenge, he hounded Sukanya out. But, this might have not sat too well with her. He was found dead under suspicious circumstances at his rented home on Wednesday.

Reportedly, when police arrived at the spot, Sukanya was present and behaved in a suspicious manner. Sukanya had initially told the police that he suffered paralysis and died in his sleep. But, the police registered a suspicious death case, as they found there was some foul play.

Sukanya was questioned, during which she admitted to killing Prabhakaran. She confessed that unable to bear his torture and also angry at the fact that he was hounding her out for another woman, she killed him. Police have filed a case of ‘pre-meditated murder’, and she was produced before the court on Saturday. Social media users were shocked by the case.

A Facebook user @shaheen wrote: "It’s a cold blooded murderer, and it is hard to trust anyone."

Another Facebook user @farrouq wrote: “Wedding vows doesn’t stop spouses from killing each other. So many people are in prison today because they committed matricide and uxoricide. It’s better to part ways than kill your spouse. Life goes on. Think!”