RDS_190501 Groom plays pubg
Screengrabs from the viral TikTok video Image Credit: Facebook/@Ishare4

Dubai: You may have seen TikTok videos that are entertaining, bizarre, or downright dangerous. However, the latest clip going viral is leaving people confused.

A video showing a groom sitting next to his newly-wedded bride busy on his phone has been shared on other social media platforms widely, with some users finding it hilarious and others worrying.

The video shared by Facbeook page @Ishare4 received over 453,000 views since April 25, with the news report being shared widely on Twitter as well.


As someone offers the groom a gift, he quickly shoves it away. The bride can later be seen looking at him hopelessly, while a DJ can be heard playing songs in the background.

It is unclear if the clip is staged.

Next level

The addictive nature of the game, as well as other similar multiplayer games like Fortnite, has led to partial bans in different parts of the world. Twitter user @soumya0985 wrote: “I can see why they banned PUBG in India.”

Tweep @advmonikaarora shared the news, commenting: “Addiction of mobile and PUBG to an unbelievable level. A bride groom engrossed in the game ignoring gifts and his newly wedded wife.

Other users were more amused by the clip. Tweep @anomalizer sarcastically commented: “Such an inspiration for youth of the nation.” While @NairMail was more sceptical: “It’s staged. Anything for fame these days.”

On the Facebook page, several users tagged friends who they thought were just as addicted to the game.

Killing relationships

In the UAE, a woman in her 20s sought divorce from her husband after a fight over her addiction to PUBG turned violent.

Two members of the Federal National Council also pressed for a ban on battle videogames, citing their “negative addictive” influence on the country’s youth.


In India, a case of a a teenager’s suicide was reported last month, after a 16-year-old’s mother scolded him for playing the popular game.