A SpiceJet aircraft takes off from the international airport in Mumbai. Image Credit: AFP

New Delhi: A Jabalpur-bound SpiceJet flight on Sunday returned to Delhi airport due to cabin pressure onboard dropped.

According to the the official, the pressurisation was not regained even after the aircraft was levelled off at 6,000 feet. The pilot in command then decided to return to Delhi, where the plane safely landed, the official added.

Earlier in the day, a Delhi-bound Spice Jet aircraft made an emergency landing at Patna airport after there were reports of a technical glitch which prompted fire inside the plane. All the passengers were safely rescued.

"The Delhi-bound flight had returned to Patna airport after locals noticed a fire in the aircraft and informed district and airport officials. All 185 passengers were safely deboarded. The reason is a technical glitch, engineering team analysing further," said Chandrashekhar Singh, Patna District Magistrate told media persons.

Taking note of the incident, Patna airport Director said that an alternate flight is being arranged by SpiceJet airlines.

SpiceJet Limited's chief of flight operations, Gurcharan Arora informed that the pilots handled the situation well. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) will probe the matter.

The DGCA officials said that the plane (VT-SYZ), prima facie, was involved in air turnback as the cabin crew informed PIC about sparks coming out of the engine.

During the rotation, the cockpit crew suspected a bird hit on the engine. Later, the crew did not observe any abnormality and the flight resumed further climb.

"The flight returned back after a bird hit and due to one engine shut in the air, all on-board passengers safe," the officials added.