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Dubai: Social media was angered by an Indian school principal’s decision to expel a girl for “tarnishing” the school’s image and “creating a scene”, after she publicly beat up her molester and got him arrested.

According to Indian media, on Thursday, January 3, a Grade 11 schoolgirl from Kushinagar, in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, confronted and beat up a molester on her way back from school. In the account described by Indian news website Hindustan Times the girl, identified as a Grade 11 biology student at the Bapu (Mahatma Gandhi) Inter College, beat up the molester with slippers and dialled the police for help. The molester who touched the girl’s hand and passed a lewd comment, was promptly booked by the police for sexual harassment.

However, the following Saturday, the girl was expelled by the school principal, who said that she would ruin the school’s reputation.

“Such indisciplined girls need not study here and tarnish the image of the school,” the principal, C B Singh, was quoted as having said by Indian news agency ANI.

Social media users admonished the principal for his reaction to the girl’s ordeal.

Twitter user @Shalini21927421 posted: “A girl is expelled from school for beating up her molester... Instead of setting her as an example for women empowerment, she has been punished. Is this what we as a country want? Girls should continue to be molested without raising their voice?...#India”

Social media user Joshua McCracken replied on a related Facebook comment thread: “Absolutely ridiculous. What damages the reputation of this school is protecting a sexual predator, and because this path was chosen the whole world now knows about it.”

Tweep @modynishant shared the story and wrote: “She [the girl] deserves a medal and the principal needs to be expelled.”

Facebook user Snehal Gaikwad appreciated the girl’s actions. “Dear student. Don’t be afraid or sad. Kudos to you for showing courage and standing for your dignity. You certainly deserve a better place than this ‘conservative school’ ... where girls are taught to remain suppressed. There will certainly be schools who will welcome you with open arms. Continue to be strong.”

According Hindustan Times, the principal has since apologised and revoked the expulsion, saying: “I have written to the ... police and other concerned authorities that the suspension has been revoked and the girl’s name is not being struck off the school roll.”