knife attack
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A suspicion of his wife having an affair led a man in Delhi, India to stab her to death on Saturday night and cut her body into several pieces to dispose of them in the septic tank and a drain near his house.

Indian news website reported that the incident took place in Delhi’s Prem Nagar area, police said.

The family of the deceased arrived at the spot the murder was commited on Sunday morning upon the husband contacting them and ‘confessing’.

He reportedly surrendered at the local police station and led authorities to the severed body parts.

While SD Mishra, deputy commissioner of police in the Rohini area of Delhi, quoted the perpetrator as saying that he killed his wife on suspicion of an extramarital affair, the woman’s family claimed that the suspect had issues with his wife over birthing three daughters and no male child, as well as harassed her to obtain dowry.

The police said they had not received any complaint from the woman or her family in the past, according to the Hindustan Times report.

Police identified the suspect as 33-year-old Ashu and his murdered wife as 30-year-old Seema. However, there are conflicting reports on the victim’s age, some Indian media outlets report her age to be 27 years.

The victim was a homemaker and the suspect repaired computers.

“The couple would quarrel frequently. On Saturday night, he took her to their own house where they quarrelled once again. Ashu then used a knife to stab her in the neck before severing her body into multiple pieces around 10pm on Saturday,” Mishra was quoted as saying.

According to Hindustan Times, another investigator said that Ashu had separated the torso, the limbs and the head, chopping them into at least six pieces.

“He dumped the limbs and the head into a septic tank at his house before placing a bed at that spot. He then stuffed the torso in a bag, loaded it on a motorcycle and rode for over two kilometres to dump it in a drain,” the investigator was quoted as saying.

Ashu allegedly called Seema’s mother on Saturday night itself.

“Ashu claimed that when he would complain about Seema to her family, they would tell him to sort the matter between themselves. He claimed that he believed that Seema’s family wouldn’t bother even if he killed her,” the investigator added.

According to report, when Seema’s family received the call from him, they said they didn’t take him seriously.

Seema’s brother, Santosh was quoted as saying: “When we tried calling him back moments later, we found his phone to be switched off. We visited Seema’s house on Sunday morning to find blood around and a bloodstained stone nearby.”

“He had been planning to repair his house and had been harassing my sister to ask our mother for money,” Santosh added.

Accordingly to Santosh, Ashu only confessed because he thought that Seema’s family would lodge a complaint upon finding out what happened.

Mishra said that it took police eight hours to bring out the body parts from the septic tank and recover the torso from the drain.