Domestic worker argues for wages in viral clip
Domestic worker argues for wages in viral clip from India Image Credit: Twitter

A video of a domestic worker arguing with a group of men over what she says is non-payment of Rs 1800 (Dh90) in wages has gone viral online, making some laugh but a large majority of netizens say "there is nothing funny about the clip". Social media users shared the hashtag #justiceforkaku to highlight educational inequality in the country.

In the undated video that has been taken in an unknown location but believed to be from India, the woman is heard arguing in Marathi about not being paid Rs 1800 (Dh90) as agreed even as a man argues with her that she has been paid in full.

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“Pay me the money and then I’ll go,” she is heard saying in the clip.

The man argues in the video that he had already paid her Rs 1800 earlier. The man in the video, and one off-camera, say that they paid the woman three Rs 500 (Dh25) notes, one Rs 200 (Dh10) note and one Rs 100 (Dh5) note, which equal to the total amount she is saying for.

“Rs 1500 (Dh75) and Rs 300 (Dh15) becomes Rs 1800 (90), how are you saying this,” the man is heard saying.

However, she is not convinced.

They then attempt to show her the math on a calculator but she refuses to accept it.

The clip has gone viral online with many netizens finding the clip “hilarious”.

Twitter user @cskkanu wrote: “She should be [the] next finance minister.”

However, a majority of tweeps think that there is nothing funny about the video and used it as an opportunity to advocate for educational equality amongst those from low income backgrounds.

The hashtag #justiceforkaku trended online.

Twitter user @JasmineRaskoti posted: “#justiceforkaku by giving people compulsory education. It shouldn't be gender biased.”

Tweep @VaruMohit wrote: “[…] We don't want to create a world that mocks others and laughs on them. Let's help everyone to learn and earn in this tough time.”