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Hyderabad, Telangana: Police have arrested two persons for stealing diamonds (60.20 carats) worth Rs4 million (Dh207,517) from a jeweller’s shop in Basheerbagh area here.

"Two inter-state criminals have been arrested by Saifabad Police for stealing diamonds (60.20 Carats) worth Rs 40 lakhs (2 million) from the jeweller’s shop - Riddhi Siddhi Jewellers in Basheerbagh. The incident was reported on December 6," Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad City Police Commissioner, said.

The accused have been identified as goldsmiths Mayur and Ramesh. Both knew each other for the last 15 years.

While Mayur has no past criminal history, Ramesh was previously involved in 11 cases of cheating in various police stations in Maharashtra and in five cheque bounce cases.

"The accused were arrested on December 11 from the residence of Mayur at Borivali, Mumbai. They were brought to Police Station Saifabad on Transit Warrant," the CO said.

He said on December 6, Karan Agarwal, owner of Riddhi Siddhi Jewellers, Basheerbagh, lodged a complaint in Saifabad Police Station stating that on November 29, two persons came to his jewellery shop to buy diamonds; they said they were from Bangkok.

In an envelope

"They told him that they came to attend a function of their relative’s in Hyderabad and shared their mobile number. On November 30, the complainant procured and showed diamonds weighing 60.20 carats to Mayur as required by him. Mayur insisted the complainant to put the diamonds in an envelope and seal the same so that they are not sold to anyone," the CO said.

"Meanwhile, another person who accompanied Mayur took an empty envelope by saying that he wanted to gift some money in an envelope to his relative in the function. Thereafter Mayur and his friend went away saying that they will come on the next day. On December 1, they visited the shop and asked the complainant to show the sealed packet. After a few minutes, they have left the premises by saying that they will return after some time," he said.

"As they didn't turn up for purchasing even after the lapse of four days, the complainant grew suspicious and checked the sealed cover and found fake diamonds in the sealed cover. The complainant came to the conclusion that on December 1 the two persons had exchanged the sealed cover with another sealed cover containing duplicate diamonds, while the complainant was busy with another customer," he added.