Pregnant women
Experts seek to calm worries about mother-to-baby transmission of COVID Image Credit: Shutterstock

Desperate for a son, a father of five daughters in the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh allegedly ripped open the stomach of his pregnant wife on September 19 to find out the gender of the baby.

The man, identified as Pannalal, slit the stomach of his wife, aged around 35, with a sharp-edged weapon in the Nekpur locality under the Civil Lines police station area, injuring her seriously, a police official told local media.

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A First Information Report (FIR) has been lodged and the husband has been arrested, the police official told Indian media, adding that further investigations are underway.

The family of the woman, who was rushed to a hospital in the city of Bareilly in critical condition, alleged that Pannalal wanted a son and committed the crime to know if it was a male or female foetus.

Residents initially rushed the woman to the district hospital from where she was sent to a hospital in Bareilly, according to Indian media.

The woman is said to be six to seven months pregnant, police told local media.

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Social media users were quick to react to the incident.

Replying to a news report, tweep @IpsitaSahu2020 wrote: “[…] Such a heart-wrenching incident. Can't imagine what kind of person he is. Absolutely no regard for a fellow human life. Should be punished in such a way that he also experiences the pain he inflicted.”

Twitter user @pratap_Jags took the opportunity to speak against gender discrimination in India: “[…] Disgraceful act. Severe punishment must be given to this man. But this incident also portrays the society mindset. We as a society need to address issue of sex determination. We need to educate ourselves on gender equality, we have to treat boy[s] and girl[s] as equal in our homes.”