Dog abuse
Man in Delhi shares incident of abuse against dog Image Credit: Twitter

A Twitter post that was shared on June 3, by user Abhishek Joshi, @kaalicharan, stated that an unidentified man from Delhi decided to tie up a dog to a two-wheeler and drag it along the road.

“#Delhi This poor dog was inflicted with grave torture - a scoundrel had him tied him to the back of his two-wheeler with a long rope and dragged him along on the road. When passersby raised an alarm, the man cut the rope and ran off,” the tweet read.

The post included pictures of the injured dog.

In an update tweet, Joshi wrote that the dog is being taking care of at a shelter and it is up for adoption: “He is being treated for his injuries. Would someone please take him home to adopt or foster and nurture him back to mental and physical health? He could be a Lhasa Apso or Pomeranian and anywhere from two to six years old.”

Giving more details how the dog was brought to the facility, Joshi wrote: “No one thought to get the number of the vehicle. Someone alerted the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre, Raja Garden, New Delhi, an ambulance was dispatched and the poor, badly injured and terrified little boy was brought to the shelter.”

In a June 4 post, Joshi wrote that ‘Spike’ has found a temporary home: “Poor little Spike is in a bad shape but he has a caring foster home now. He has calmed down considerably. The foster parent is letting him find his own space, his comfort zone. Spike will be seen by a private vet who will prescribe the line of treatment to be followed.”

After the post was shared, political analyst, Tehseen Poonawalla, @tehseenp, came forward to extend help: “Dearest @kaalicharan, my wife @mvadera and I will bear the cost of treatment … and even after someone adopts him, we will bear the cost till he recovers.”

Several tweeps expressed their outrage at the incident.

Twitter user @zainabbandali wrote: “Wish that guy is arrested. Don't think he is human to behave like that.”

And many shared ways of possibly catching the perpetrator. Twitter user @suman_sa wrote: “There could be CCTV footages from nearby establishments? So that the culprit could be identified and punished?”

Last week, a similar incident emerged from across the border. A horrific video was shared on social media showing a dog tied to a car in Karachi, Pakistan, being dragged across the road until it allegedly died.

The culprit was soon arrested.