Simanchal Mallick was presumed dead by his family members
Simanchal Mallick was presumed dead by his family members Image Credit: Twitter/@webodisha

He was presumed dead by his family members, but 55-year-old Simanach Mallick, suddenly woke up before his cremation in Odisha's Ganjam district in India.

As reported by Indian media reports, villagers rushed Simanach Mallick to the nearby community health centre at Sorada after he woke up ahead of the cremation in Kapakhalla village. His condition was stated to be stable after treatment, doctors said.

According to one of the reports Mallick had gone to graze goats on Saturday but he did not return home, even though the animals returned on their own. After a frantic search, the villagers found him unconscious at a farmland.

Apparently, instead of taking him to hospital, his neighbours and family members assumed that he was dead and so decided to carry out his last rites for cremation.

But much to the surprise, following completion of funeral rites when Simanchal’s kin lit the pyre, he suddenly woke up, shocking mourners and all others present at the spot. Soon after the incident, Simanchal was rushed to Sorada Community Health Centre (CHC) where he underwent treatment. His health condition is stated to be stable now.

"Finding him (Mallick) alive, we immediately rushed him to nearby Sorada hospital. After getting treatment he is now in a good condition," said former Sarpanch of local Palakatu panchayat, Ranjan Mallick told media.

The man had fallen unconscious due to high fever and weakness and his condition has improved after getting proper treatment, said a doctor who attended him. He was later discharged.

Happy to see her husband alive, Mallick's wife Soli regretted that as she did not take him to the hospital before presuming him dead.