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A traffic policeman’s attempt to stop a speeding car ended up in him being dragged for nearly 400 metres while clinging on to the bonnet of the vehicle in Delhi, India, on October 12.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage that has now gone viral online shows the cop holding on to the car before falling on the road, his legs nearly missing the wheels as other vehicles drive by him.

According to local media reports, the offender is a student, and he has been arrested and booked under the charges of attempted murder.

He was also booked for assault, use of criminal force to deter a public servant from performing their duty and rash driving.

Reportedly, the youngster was speeding and swerving on the road when the policeman spotted him. The cop tried to signal the driver to stop the vehicle, but, instead, he sped up the car and tried to run over the officer.

"When the driver was stopped by the constable, the driver who did not have a [driver’s] licence tried to run over him and dragged the policeman on the bonnet of his car. Had any speeding vehicle been coming from behind, the constable would have suffered serious injuries," a senior police officer was quoted as saying by local media outlets.

The constable, Mahipal Singh Yadav, suffered injuries after he fell off the bonnet.

The driver tried to flee, but was caught by the public and other traffic police personnel, who had to chase him for nearly a kilometer. He was identified by his first name, Shubham, a resident of Delhi’s Uttam Nagar locality.

Netizens called for strict punishment against the driver.

Tweep @nbrengaraju wrote: “The driver who dragged the Delhi Traffic Police on his car bonnet must be charged with attempt to murder. His traffic violation too is confirmed by his […] act of dragging. The car driver's license should be suspended forever as we can't have insane drivers on public roads.”

While many appreciated the cop for his dedication.

Twitter user @puneetk1976 posted: “The constable deserves wholehearted appreciation, wish everyone in the administration including politicians have similar work ethics. The driver must be thrown behind bars for a long period of time.”