Poster says bus stop ‘stolen’ in Pune
Poster says bus stop ‘stolen’ in Pune Image Credit: Twitter

In a bizarre incident, residents in the Indian city of Pune woke up to one of the bus stops being “stolen” as per a Reddit post shared on October, along with an award for whoever has any leads about the supposed theft.

The post included a picture of a poster put up in place of where the bus station once was.

The sign, which has text in Marathi translates to: 'The public bus stop in front of BT Kabde Devaki Police Station, has been stolen. If anyone finds the bus stop or knows any information about it, please get in touch - you will be rewarded Rs 5000 (Dh249)."

As per local media reports, the poster was put up by a local politician and social activist, Prashant (Anna) Mhaske.

The Reddit user shared an update that read: “So I asked a couple of street vendors about it. They said nothing like this happened in daylight. However, they are not sure who took it. The point being there was a bus stop there earlier, and someone definitely 'stole' it. It could be Pune Mahanagar Parivahan (public transport bus service provider for the city of Pune).'

Social media users were quick to react to the incident.

Tweep @joleneann123 shared a picture of the poster about the stolen bus stop and wrote: “LOL (laugh out loud). Entire bus stop stolen in Pune.”

While some suggested that the bus stop might have been stolen for other reasons.

Reddit user Rohit_BFire10 wrote: “Probably sold as scrap metal.”