Dr Anil Pillai

Congratulations to Airolink on your title achievement as one of the Top 10 construction contractors’ in the MENA. What is the secret to your success during these daunting times impacted by the Covid pandemic globally?

Efficient planning with attention to detail, hard work and perseverance have all been vital to our growth right from our inception. During Covid, while maintaining this focus on the Projects, we adapted our strategies to fit in with the global dynamics and thus overcome the challenges. Riding on the strength of our core values, our excellent resources and management team, we have thankfully excelled and come on top!

India Airolink Seven-Hotel-&-Apartments The-Palm-for-web
Seven Hotel & Apartments The Palm, one of the projects undertaken by Airolink

What is Airolink’s strategy for the next 3 years?

Every challenge is an opportunity and Covid-19 is no different. Along with our strategic partners, we are diversifying into other key sectors such as oil & gas, and also into other high-potential markets such as Saudi Arabia and the UK. We are capitalising on this opportunity to establish our presence even stronger as a premier leading Contractor of Choice in MENA by realising unique construction projects, generating value propositions and attracting investments.

Having completed more than 10 million square feet of design & build landmark projects, we have now placed focus on design, build, finance, operate and transfer (DBOT) / public private partnership (PPP) projects. In addition to the current project portfolio in excess of Dh8 billion, Airolink is in advanced discussions to commit over Dh2.3 billion in long-term contracts including DBOT/PPP, by actively engaging finance interests from the EU, US and the Far East.

In partnership with private and public sector entities in India and the UAE, Airolink is looking to enhance presence further in India with key investments in renewable energy, healthcare and petrochemical sectors. India is truly an incredible market and we are looking forward to spreading our wings even wider in India.