Image Credit: Twitter/@Neha_Social

Dubai: A Muslim girl from a village in Bihar, India was tied to a tree for hours and physically assaulted over orders from a village court for eloping with a Hindu man.

The 18-year-old had snuck out of the house during the night and eloped with her partner, who belonged to a different religious background than hers, according to a report by India-based New Delhi Television Limited (NDTV).

Once she was caught and brought back to her family, the village court, also known as a ‘panchayat’, ordered for her to be tied to a tree and assaulted.

Videos soon circulated online of the incident. The clips show the girl tied to a tree and being struck with canes and hit by multiple villagers. The boy remains on the run.

The girl’s parents also participated in the act.

Police have allegedly chose to remain uninvolved in the issue, saying that an official complaint hadn’t been filed, according to local news channels. Social media users expressed their outrage at the ordeal online.

Canadian journalist Natasha Fatah, @NatashaFatah, shared the news on Twitter and said that the girl received no help: “Muslim girl in India tied to a tree and caned by her family for falling in love with a Hindu boy. Punishment issued by local elders (panchayat) for the girl “dishonouring” her family. She was tied for five hours. Nobody helped her. The boy is on the run.”

Twitter user, Pankaj Nath, @panki9, questioned the public’s role: “What can the government do if we, its citizens, do not want to change our attitude and actions? Or should it [the government] make police shoot culprits of such crimes? Shame on us, our society that we want to be policed upon for each and every thing...”

Whereas, tweep, Ashish Varma, @ashish17011995, blamed Indian state authorities for not taking enough action and educating the public: “This incident is the proof of the failure of the administration and government and the people of India. After spending so much money, time and resources, we can’t change such a poor mindset! We can’t give moral education to our people... just shocking!”