82-year-old Kamalathal prepares idlis, a staple south Indian breakfast delicacy, in Coimbatore, Friday, Sept. 13, 2019. Image Credit: PTI

Chennai: The indomitable spirit of an 82-year-old woman from Tamil Nadu's Coimbatore district who sells idlis at just one rupee each has melted the hearts of many including those in the corridors of power as she has got an LPG connection within a day of a video depicting her hardship going viral.

The story of Kamalathal spread like wildfire on social media after Mahindra Group Chairman Anand Mahindra tweeted a video showing her preparing idlis in her humble cottage.

"One of those humbling stories that make you wonder if everything you do is even a fraction as impactful as the work of people like Kamalathal. I notice she still uses a wood-burning stove. If anyone knows her I'd be happy to 'invest' in her business & buy her an LPG fuelled stove," he wrote in the caption on Tuesday.

However, the government came forward to issue her an LPG connection, with Union Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas and Steel Dharmendra Pradhan playing a pro-active role.

"Salute the spirit and commitment of Kamalathal. Glad to have helped her through local OMC officers in getting LPG connection," Pradhan said in a tweet on Wednesday.

"This is superb. Thank you Bharat Gas Coimbatore for giving this gift of health to Kamalathal. As I have already stated, I am happy to support her continuing costs of using LPG...And thank you @dpradhanbjp for your concern and thoughtfulness," Mahindra said.

After her way of steaming the idlis got an upgrade, she was interviewed by media. Indian news agency ANI quoted her as saying: "I am 82 years old now and I don’t know for how long this will continue. There is nobody with me in my family. I am alone. I work from 5.30 am till 12 noon. I don’t expect profit out of this."

She estimates the idlis she sells everyday at 400-500.